Chung x Rex

“It’s never just one person running,” says Wong Ho-chung. “It takes a village to get one runner to go further, and be better.”

A trail runner since childhood, whenever life gets him down, Wong heads for the hills, and turns to fellow runners for moral support and encouragement. What also gets him going is grooming the future generation of runners. Wong has taken Rex under his wings, and hopes to help Rex free himself from the troubles that hold him back from running faster, and stronger across the globe.

Life is the greatest journey we will ever be on — and it’s best explored with like-minded company.

Stone Tsang

“It doesn’t matter how great of a runner you are — you’ve just got to put those shoes on, and run in the moment,” says trail running star Stone Tsang.

Spellbound by the stillness of the mountains since 2005, Stone feels every cell in his body spring to life whenever he’s in nature. He describes this as the call of the mountains that beckons him to return, time and time again. Stone adds that he appreciates how in Hong Kong, the trails are just a stone’s throw from urban areas.

Whether he’s running solo or with company, he savours every moment. While he enjoys chatting with companions, he also appreciates solitude, which he believes allows him to form a deeper connection with nature. To Stone, trail running is a philosophy: winning is momentary, but running in the moment, out in the wild, is forever. Hoping to protect the city’s trails and mountains, Stone advocates for leaving no trace.

Paul Tsang

Paul Tsang loves exploring because “You never know what’s on the other side of the peak.”

Captivated by the beauty of High Junk Peak, Paul started trail running after he retired, hoping to discover more between the ridges. As a TNF fan, he has run the TNF 100 nine years in a row, saying that while trail running isn’t for everyone, “Age is just a number. I set my mind to run, so I took to the mountains.” Undeterred by the cold, harsh inclines and precipitous trails, Paul has kept running, and running…

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Vivi Cheung

“Life is a trail race: there will be steep climbs, there will be merciless weather, and you’ve just got to stick it out if you want to succeed,” says Macanese runner Vivi.

What does running mean to you? Vivi thrives on the endorphin rush, and being one with herself while running has taught her to listen to her true needs, and rise above negative thoughts. Like navigating an undulating trail, life is about being intentional with your thoughts, and unyielding in attitude.

Like any trail, Vivi’s relationship with her father — also a runner — has had its ups and downs. Then, he had a stroke, which caused paralysis in the left side of his body. While caring for him, Vivi shared stories from the trail with him. These conversations brought the two closer.Vivi hopes to do her father proud by giving her all in completing the race, and continue to be a positive influence on him.

Maggie Tsang

The best part about volunteering is teamwork, says trail runner Maggie, who first participated in TNF100 as a check point volunteer. Now with nine years of trail running experience under her belt, Maggie started out as untrained race crew who, through providing runners with support, found great satisfaction. Her role also inspired her to take on the 50km race. While check point volunteers have a lot on their plates, Maggie finds joy in seeing her friends check in, showing no sign of slowing down.

Maggie is excited for this year’s 50km race, and cannot wait to help runners ace their The North Face 100 goals.

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Kelvin Yuen

When he’s out in nature, only one thing stands between Kelvin and the mountains: his camera.

The landscape photographer was most struck by Hong Kong’s natural beauty when he first climbed Lion Rock. As the city lights twinkled at his feet, Kelvin decided to show the people of Hong Kong the untamed side of their city.

Some of the works Kelvin is most proud of were captured while he was hiking at Kau Nga Ling two years ago. A cold front had just arrived, visibility was high, and the setting sun cast a scarlet glow on the adjacent Lantau Peak, creating a stunning photo op. Kelvin has since been photographing sights and sounds across the globe, but holding his Hong Kong collection close to his heart, Kelvin hopes that his work would inspire the people of the world to discover the beauty of the city’s mountains.

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